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Fantastic! All the customers wearing my lanyards - until the event is over. But then what? Well, here comes the best bit. Because lots of lanyards just go on and on and on. There are two trend-setter categories:

     are those who hang up their lanyards after they have first used them in a very obvious place. It might be in the office, at their club or down their local ... But wherever it is, everyone else will be intrigued and that'll give them a chance to talk about what they've done. And when they do, your publicity is always going to be there as part of the story. Absolutely invaluable!

     think it's a shame to use such a practical item only once. They'll wear the tag with the chic nylon purse on it down to the supermarket or send their child to school with the door key in it. Again and again and again. And that's how many times people will see your ever-present publicity. How's that for usefulness?!


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