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Lapel Pins
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A classic that sets the fashion. Pins are one of the most popular media for promoting businesses, products and ideas.

Pinned on everywhere...

With lapel pins (virtually) nothing is impossible! On the following pages, you can see and read the inexhaustible list of variations on offer and the advantages of each of the different manufacturing processes. And it goes without saying that once again you can rely on us to provide unbeatable price and quality. Each of our lapel pins undergoes strict quality controls, and is delivered, as ever, swiftly and promptly!

We can give you our guarantee that both special shapes and the cost of the tools are included in the price. We offer this service free of charge. Why not give us a try? Ask us for a no-strings-attached quotation. All we need from you is information on the number of items you would like, the size, colours and a simple sketch.

And an important note to end on... All the pins and buttons reproduced can be used for reference only. The rights regarding samples, logos and brand names are all the exclusive property of the respective copyright-holders.

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