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Of course, gold-, silver- or nickel plating could still be its crowning glory!


Hard enamel pins

There can be little doubt that this is the brightest and most precious star in the pin galaxy. It's quality and colour cannot be bettered. Here, all the colours on the Pantone® palette can be applied. The design is embossed and the epoxy-resin powder (as opposed to the glass powder which used to be used for this) is carefully applied by hand.

An extra baking process is required per colour, using very high temperatures. After precision-grinding and burnishing, the article is baked for a second time. This makes the pin so hard, scratch-resistant and durable that it does not require any protective coating of epoxy resin, as is the case with other techniques. And that is what gives it its fascinatingly bright colours. So, as you can see, it's worth its price.

If desired, your pins can be delivered on backing card, which may particularly be of interest to collectors.

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